About Us-Moorend Felts

About Moorendfelts

The Moorend Felts studio is based under Blencathra in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside. It was set up in 2006, and is run by Linda Bennett whoBlencathra-new
specialises in nuno felting.

The Artist
Linda studied a BA Hons degree in Design at Hertfordshire University, specialising in fine art. It wan't until she completed her degree and whilst
travelling she developed her increasing love of textiles. This love led her to explore mixed media textiles including hand embroidery
techniques and feltmaking which she perfected during 6 years of working within the textile industry.



The Feltmaking Process
Feltmaking is a very tactile process, the felt is created from natural wool tops and worked until the fibres 'interlock' to create a strong fabric. This fabric is then
lovingly felted into its final shape. Linda Hand dyes all her silk fabric and wool to create colour co-ordinated unique one off pieces.
As the entire process is all carried out by hand you can be assured of complete uniqueness in which ever item you choose.


Recycling - Linda also felts with re-cycled wool jumpers giving them a new lease of life and creating the wonderful corsages, brooches, wistwarmersStudio2
 and covered journals available in the catalogue today.